Thursday, March 30, 2017

A New Resource

Many of the resources which we have developed over the past years have hitherto unavailable, but now, through the magic of the internet, they are available!  The first resource we would like to highlight is a Bible Study for anyone wanting to know what it means to have confidence in Christ and how that translates into the confident life that the believer is meant to live, by the power of Jesus Christ:

Monday, March 27, 2017

Mocking God

He who mocks the poor reproaches his maker;
He who is glad at calamity will not go unpunished.
Proverbs 17:5

Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary defines schadenfreude as “enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others”.  This is a German word that has been borrowed into a handful of other languages.  The thing worth noting here is that this sensation in finding delight in other’s misfortune is a well-recognized human phenomenon.  We could go to great lengths to ask why it is that the human condition has a pronounced place for reveling in others weakness or losses.  However, it is simple and most accurate to say that this is the influence of sin in a human life.  This pleasure can be found when your team (sports or political) beats the other team.  Winning isn’t enough…gloating follows.  It is the quiet self-righteous voice inside us that says of the person who suffers loss of health or financial ruin: “He probably deserved it.”  Whether that voice ever makes it out of our head or our pen.  The two warnings of this simple verse are very much worth noting:  This is mocking the maker of those who suffer – mocking God Almighty.  The second is that such an attitude will not go unpunished.  These severe words should help us to see the immense gravity of delighting in the losses of others in the eyes of the Lord.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Finding Happiness

He who heeds the word wisely will find good,
And whoever trusts in the LORD, happy is he.
Proverbs 16:20

Legos have change quite a bit from the toy of my youth.  When I was a child Legos came in a bucket and were used to build whatever you may want to build with them. Now Legos come primarily in specific sets used to build models of various types – like a Star Wars space ship.  One of the best things about this style of Lego set is that it forces children to learn to follow directions.  If a person should submit to the directions and follow them carefully the model is impressive and fun – and you get an X-wing!  If the directions are not followed, then you only get a mess of oddly shaped grey bricks.  There are moments in most Lego constructions where the builder must ask themselves if the directions are REALLY correct.  A reasonable amount of faith in the manufacturers of Legos will usually yield success in the project.  It is no less so with the Bible.  We will come to situations in life when we wonder if what God’s word has revealed is correct.  Faith in the LORD, however, will always bring about the correct result: a life grown closer to Christ.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Planning and Stepping

A man’s heart plans his way,
But the LORD directs his steps.
Proverbs 16:9

The issue of Divine Sovereignty has caused some difficulty to believers in Christ.  Not that the Biblical teaching is unclear, but because of our unwillingness to observe it for various reasons.  Sovereignty is not a picture of God controlling every decision of every person throughout all human history.  Sovereignty is, rather, the reality that God is in final control of everything and nothing is out of His jurisdiction.  This verse is a beautiful picture of the balance between God’s sovereignty and man’s free will.  Think of the care that is put forth in this wonderful verse.  God designed man to plan his way.  God designed man to make choices by godly wisdom and go the right way.  Yet God is so personal and caring that He also is involved with the direction of each step.  We can praise the God who designed us to learn and grow and plan our way, and walk with the confidence that knows that our very steps are directed by the all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful God of the universe.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Knowing Widsom

The fear of the LORD is the instruction of wisdom,
And before honor is humility.
Proverbs 15:33

Understanding who the Lord is who we are in relationship to Him is the ground and basis for all true wisdom.  It is when we understand Who He is and what He has done for us in Christ that we can respond properly to His provision.  If we mistakenly think that we come to the spiritual table with some great service, wealth, or power to offer then we will not know our true humble position before Him.  If we attempt to pull His perfect righteousness down to the level that we can achieve we will live in the filthy rags of human “righteousness”.  Should we try to elevate our strength, righteousness, and ability before Him we are left in the place of self-righteous self-delusion.  No wisdom is available to the man who does not realize his absolutely bankruptcy before God.  It is at this point when His grace is made clear and we receive His loving provision for us in Christ.