Thursday, December 6, 2018

Happy St Nicholas Day!

Jaroslav Čermák (1831 - 1878) - Sv. Mikuláš.jpg
Each year, on December 6th is the feast of St. Nicholas.  Far from the stuffed shirt of the modern Santa Clause.  Saint Nicholas was a valiant warrior for Jesus Christ.  He lived from March 15, 270 AD - December 6, 343 AD.  His life was invested in defending the truth (He was important to the defense of the doctrine of the Trinity), sharing the gospel (He taught and ministered throughout the ancient world), was a minister of mercy, and a powerful witness for the poor. 

The tradition of honoring St. Nicholas is known throughout Christendom in both the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches and Saint Nicholas of Myra is well worthy of our admiration and respect.  It some of the more perverse versions of the holiday St. Nicholas comes to give gifts to the good children and leave the others to be beaten by his non-historical counterpart "Black Pete".  But the celebration of this great life lived for Christ is one of my favorite parts of the Christmas Season.

It helps to unravel some of the mythology around our modern Santa Picture to see how many things about our holiday are built upon that which is wholesome, pure, loving, and good.  We celebrate St. Nicholas simply.  We talk about his life at dinner and the Children open a gift to remember the generosity of the life of Christ as He works in the hearts of those that walk with Him.

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